You must be able to provide taxpayers with the refund solutions they require if you want to compete in the retail tax preparation market. You will be able to provide your services through Nothing But Refunds Tax Office without the need for the taxpayers to pay your tax preparation fee out of pocket. Instead, our banking partner will deduct your fee from taxpayer refunds, allowing you to operate your tax business like other national tax business chains by printing refund checks and issuing debit cards. You can also provide a cash advance of up to $6,000 in addition.

Here's Our Story...….

We started in Atlanta, GA

The founder (Mr. Mensky Philippe) is licensed to offer Life, Accident, and Health Insurance. 

We opened our first visual tax office

We realized that with the internet everything is done online these days, therefore we felt like it was easier for our client to send us their information online instead of driving to an office to do their taxes or other services that we provide.

We began helping clients virtually in all 50 states

We were assisting a ton of clients in the state of Georgia while also getting inquiries from all over the country. Through our innnovative solutions, we developed a way to virtually assist clients all over the country while making the experience similar to what they feel whenever they walk into our office. At the core, we are a virtual tax & accounting franchise. You can run this business from anywhere around the country. But you need to have the ability to add a store-front location or soon our Mobile APP to reach more potential clients.

What to Expect.

Initial Investment

The Nothing but Refunds initial franchise fee ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 dollars. But, we’re willing to share the risk and prove that we can perform. The offer is simple: We help you generate $20,000 in gross sales within 90 days of launching OR we credit you the difference and let you walk away.


We are a growing an online accounting franchise that requires year-round commitment to clients. Although we do not require you (franchise owner) to file taxes or handle the bookkeeping needs of our clients because you can hire a professional, we still require you to be involved in the day-to-day management of your franchise.

Risk Of Starting A Business

Nothing but Refunds Tax Franchisees are responsible for running their business and managing the day-to-day operations such as hiring, employee management, and local marketing efforts. Franchisee success requires past leadership/management experience, business acumen, and giving your time to the business. Being able to do all these and more is essential to your growth and success.